Ever heard of ‘high rise farmers?’ They are those who live in, well, high-rise residential buildings growing some food either on their terrace or inside their own home. These urban growers make efficient use of space and turn them into edible gardens where they can harvest some of their culinary needs. Here’s an interesting feature from The Straits Times:

Ms Kit Yong with her Sand Ginger herb. She has about 80 pots of plants, and she spends about 15 to 20 minutes watering them every morning. | ST PHOTO: CHEW SENG KIM

Whoever says you need a big plot of land to be a farmer has never met Ms Kit Yong, 56.

Like 80 per cent of the population, she lives in an HDB flat.

But tell her that you have a craving for the sweet and sour passion fruit and she might tell you to pick one right off a vine outside her flat if the fruit is in season.

The real estate agent grows more than 20 types of vegetables, herbs and fruits – from chye sim and kale to rosemary and passion fruit – along the 20m stretch of corridor outside her Tampines home.

Ms Yong, who estimates she has 80 pots of plants, is a member of a growing community of individuals passionate about farming within an urban setting.

Community gardens, started by the National Parks Board through the Community in Bloom movement, now number close to 1,000. Residents are turning plots of land beside HDB blocks into vegetable and fruit patches.

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