“Achieving high standard of living must not be done at the expense of the environment. After all, every aspect of life–from food and housing to technology and economics–is entirely dependent on the health of Mother Nature. Saving the planet could be one’s biggest life investment.”


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We have always been reminded of how important nature is to humanity and while some of us ignore the signs that the environment might give up on us soon, there are still others who try to make a difference. Through their sincere and innovative efforts to save our planet, we are given another chance to change our ways and start doing our part.


In fact, these are what some of the greenest websites wish to achieve with their creative and inspiring content through a proven formula: by embracing technology and at the same time, incorporating eco-friendly values in everything they share to the online community. If you want to be a part of this global movement, here are some the greenest websites that you should know and use:


Inhabitat was founded by the New York City designer Jill Fehrenbacher in 2005. The website’s writers and editors believe in the philosophy that a good design is a green design. The page offers informative articles covering green architecture, energy and technology.



Grist was founded in 1999 and it offers expert solutions to the most serious environmental problems in the world. Their writers are composed of experts who are not afraid to present the raw reality of the deteriorating environment with their snarky headlines and a witty splash of comedy.



TreeHugger is one of the top eco websites in the world. Their contents focus on the combination of green technology and cool designs. Their writers cover a wide variety of topics related to design, building and fashion, science, cars, and more.



Indeed, these websites have greatly encouraged and inspired people from every part of the globe to go green and live green, saving the planet and changing the world one click at a time.